With over 35 years experience and over 60 freight transportation offices nationwide, FAK is your first choice for looking for freight.  FAK values each carrier as a business partner and our success is based on quality carriers.  Keeping your trucks moving is your money source, let us help you in finding the right loads for your business.

If you are not currently set up with FAK, please work with your FAK representative who has offered you a load, and they will invite you to get set-up through My Carrier Packets (MCP). FAK uses its partner, MCP, to set up with and onboard all its carrier partners now.

Freight All Kinds Offers:

  • Offices Nationwide
  • Over 35 years in business
  • Quick pay option (up to 100%)
  • Cash advances (ComData)
  • Settlements in 35 days after receipt of paperwork
  • 24 hour per day dispatch support

Payments Info: