1. HOURS Act Would Provide Flexibility For Drivers

    By Staff, Go ByTruck News, June 22, 2018 Rep. Rick Crawford (R-Arkansas), along with Reps. Sanford Bishop (D-Georgia) and Bruce Westerman (R-Arkansas) on Thursday introduced the Honest Operators Undertake Road Safety Act, or HOURS Act, which aims to provide hours of service relief in four different …Read More

  2. Survey: minority of fleets believe ELD mandate good for industry

    By Aaron Huff, CCJ News, June 27, 2018 Despite electronic logging devices contributing to the current healthy rate environment, less than half (47 percent) of fleet operators surveyed believe the ELD mandate is good for the transportation industry. Over two-thirds (69 percent) of fleets also believe…Read More

  3. How The Industry Is Adjusting To The ELD Mandate, Six Months In

    By Staff, Go By Truck News, June 22, 2018 The trucking industry is continuing to adjust to the electronic logging device mandate that has been in effect for six months now. The federal ELD rule requires most long haul drivers record their hours-of-service information electronically instead of with p…Read More

  4. Truckers Say ELD Has Lowered Their Income And Quality Of Life

    By Staff, Go By Truck News, June 4, 2018  Steven Wright, a 47-year-old college graduate, has been a long-haul truck driver since 1995. He used to set his own schedule during his nearly 100-hour workweeks: He’d drive for eight hours, take a nap for four to six hours as the receiving company slowly…Read More