1. Truckers Say ELD Has Lowered Their Income And Quality Of Life

    By Staff, Go By Truck News, June 4, 2018  Steven Wright, a 47-year-old college graduate, has been a long-haul truck driver since 1995. He used to set his own schedule during his nearly 100-hour workweeks: He’d drive for eight hours, take a nap for four to six hours as the receiving company slowly…Read More

  2. FMCSA Administrator Looking At HOS Flexibility

    By Staff, Go By Truck News, May 31, 2018 The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is investigating whether some flexibility can be added to the hours-of-service rules, according to congressional testimony from FMCSA Administrator Ray Martinez. Speaking before the House Committee on Transporta…Read More

  3. Next week is Roadcheck, and it's the first one in the ELD era

    By John Kingston, FreightWaves.com, May 31, 2018 Next week is the International Roadcheck conducted under the auspices of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, the first since the ELD mandate went into effect. And in what is not a coincidence, Hours of Service rules will be the focus of this year'…Read More

  4. Potential Law Could Simplify HOS Reforms

    By Staff, Go By Truck News, April 26, 2018 An amendment being considered by the U.S. House would, if enacted, allow the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to skip a step in the formal rulemaking process for any reforms to hours of service regulations taken up by the agency for the next two …Read More