1. House highway bill would remove CSA scores, allow under-21 truckers

    By James Jaillet, CCJ News, October 22, 2015 The House’s Transportation and Infrastructure Committee on Oct. 22 pushed to the full House a six-year highway bill that would, if law, require FMCSA to remove carrier rankings in the Compliance, Safety, Accountability program and require the agency to …Read More

  2. Chairman Shuster Maps Passage of Highway Bill

    By David Cullen, HDT Truckinginfo.com, October 19, 2015 PHILADELPHIA – The Chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee laid out the long and winding road ahead for passage of a multi-year highway bill by both chambers of Congress in his address here on Oct. 19 to the American…Read More

  3. Operation Safe Driver Week enforcement blitz happening next week

    By CCJ Staff, CCJ News, October 13, 2015 The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance will hold its annual Operation Safe Driver Week during the week of Oct. 18-24. Law enforcement agencies across North America will engage in heightened traffic safety enforcement and education aimed at unsafe driving by b…Read More

  4. DOT size and weight study ‘falls short,’ says review

    By Kevin Jones, American Trucker, October 12, 2015 Nice try, but the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) report to Congress on federal truck size and weight limits could have come up with something other than that the data was insufficient to give lawmakers a substantial recommendation, says a n…Read More

  5. ATA survey: Driver shortage to hit 48,000 by end of year

    By The Trucker News Services, October 6, 2015 ARLINGTON, Va. — According to a new analysis by the American Trucking Associations, the shortage of truck drivers has grown to nearly 48,000 and could expand further because of industry growth and a retiring workforce.   “The ability to find enough…Read More

  6. Dear Congress: No weight increases, say trucking, safety groups

    By Kevin Jones, American Trucker, September 24, 2015 Recently introduced legislation to allow heavier trucks on federal interstate highways is facing opposition from influential trucking groups and highway safety advocates, each of which has written Congress to make point-by-point objections to a 91…Read More